2-1106-1st-300x181If you like riding bicycles and flying ultralights you will love our New Green Electric Flying eBicycles… No gas!

These are true recumbent 3 wheel trike bicycles with a body shell, electric assist and a wing that folds up (4 feet wide) so that you can go down bike lanes and trails. The Wing has two 150cc equivalent electric motors for flight. It’s quiet as a humming bird and extremely safe to fly. Being an eBicycle and an Ultralight aircraft you don’t need a pilot’s license, medical or insurance for the street or sky.

We are having the most “FUN” designing the manufacturing and pilot training systems for this little craft. With all the new light weight, extremely strong carbon fiber building materials, computer software pilot training systems and our New Zip line pilot training program you will be an extremely well trained pilot before you make your first “Solo Flight”… and that’s a good thing.

2-1104Our first goal is to bring on board 12 New Dealerships for $24,000 each with $12,000 down and that will include 2 Flying eBicycles.
If you would like to be a New Owner of a flying eBicycle $12,000 or you can put your name on our builders list for a refundable $300 deposit.

If you like Adventure, we think this is the opportunity of a life time to be the “New Kid” on the block with your “New Green Flying eBicycle”   Check out our Classified ad on Barnstormers – – We are listed under: Business Opportunity – Light Sport – Ultralight … The ad reads:

“NO GAS-NO PILOTS LICENSE-NO MEDICAL NEEDED-Battery Life 8 to 10 Years-Starting Price $12,000-This is the most ”FUN” ON THE Streets or in the Sky-Everyone “LOOKS”–It’s a “MONEY MAKER”-As a Moving Advertising Billboard 2-3K Per Month-Pizza Delivery-Zip Line Pilot Training-Flying Bike Sales-Aerial Photographer-Sports Racing-Business Advertising $$$-On Board e Scooter, Option-You can Bike, Fly & Scooter to work and it’s the best Aerobic Workout for “FREE”!
Street 50mph-Sky 62mph-This is the all NEW GO-GREEN ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGIES-Cities are ALL ADDING NEW BIKE LANES-NEW YORK just added 300 Miles-Owners & Sales Rep. $12,000-Dealerships $24,000-Partner $100,000.


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Capt. Gary Pylant;

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